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Is your bar playing the big game? Does your restaurant have series watch parties? More and more consumers are seeking out experiences when eating out. One way to meet this need is to find a TV for your restaurant or bar.  

Not sure where to start? Foodbuy Foodservice has you covered through our ODP Business Solutions programs. Check out our guide to selecting the best TVs for your foodservice establishment below. 


Choose the Right TV for Your Restaurant 


When it comes to equipment, you’ll want to start with a trustworthy TV brand. Many restaurant owners and operators opt for either Samsung or LG products. These brands are known for their excellent customer support and cutting-edge features like QLED and OLED visual technology. 


Next, determine the level of technology you need. Both Samsung and LG offer a wide range of options, from basic models to advanced Smart TVs. Consider the following factors when making your choice: 


Number of TVs: Multiple basic TVs might be ideal for a sports bar, while a few high-quality TVs could impress guests at a family restaurant. 

Outdoor Installation: Ensure any outdoor TVs are weather-resistant to handle patio environments. 

Content Sources: Decide if you’ll use DirectTV or streaming services. DirectTV packages can often be bundled with your equipment purchase through Foodbuy Foodservice. 


After assessing your business needs, you’ll be ready to make a well-informed purchase. 


Look for Included Installation and Removal Services 


Now that you’ve decided on the TVs for your restaurant, you’ll need a way to remove old entertainment systems and install new ones. Luckily, Foodbuy Foodservice Members have access to free TV removal, installation, and mounting services. It’s all included in the ODP Business Solutions program. This can save you extra money on paying for labor – or save your hardworking employees from an added task. 


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Getting Started on Your Entertainment System 

Ready to explore TVs for your restaurant? Contact your Foodbuy Foodservice account manager now to get started with the ODP Business Solutions TV program. We’ll help you find the best products and services tailored to your restaurant or restaurant group. 

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