Experience-Based Dining Is an Important Restaurant Industry Trend for 2024


It’s 2024 and macroeconomic pressures have continued to strain consumers’ wallets. Many diners are still choosing their spending opportunities carefully. So, how can you make sure your eatery makes the food-away-from-home budget cut? Win consumers over with experience-based dining. This restaurant industry trend can help you attract new diners to your operation and show additional value to every meal.


Read on for ways to elevate your dining experience.


Dinner and a Show

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One simple way to bring new diners in the door is to add a live entertainment lineup to your restaurant’s schedule. Whether you book a regular trivia night or bring in a new band every week, many customers will value their meal more if they experience a performance alongside it.


We recommend partnering with performers who have a strong local following to get new diners in the doors. Then gauge customer reactions to determine how often you want to host performers.


Collaborate for Combined Success

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Ditch your regular restaurant specials in favor of an exciting collaboration. One way to attract experience-seeking diners is to partner with local businesses or guest chefs on themed menu collaborations. Whether your local brewery showcases their beers with a paired menu, or a local farm provides fresh ingredients for a farm-to-table dinner, collaborations add variety and excitement to your menu offerings.

This strategy also allows you to hit on other restaurant industry trends by letting you connect with up-and-coming businesses in your area.


Explore Seasonal Themes


Not ready to commit to a year-round change? Seasonal pop-up experiences will let you test the waters on unique dining experiences without the commitment. Many bars and eateries have begun leaning into holiday themes, turning their spaces into winter wonderlands in December or creating a beach-themed atmosphere during the summer. You can even host one-day events or seasonal menu series for less commitment.


Jump on This Restaurant Industry Trend Immediately

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Incorporating experience-based dining into your restaurant’s offerings can be a game-changer for attracting and retaining customers in 2024 and beyond. To learn how joining our group purchasing organization can support your restaurant’s success and help you deliver unforgettable dining experiences, become a Member now.

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