How we are Unique

Flexible Distribution Model
Wide Range of Non-Food programs (FUSE)
Industry Leading Focus on Diversity
Strong/Flexible Programs
Data Visibility and Analysis

Foodbuy's flexible distribution model ensures Members can continue working with their preferred choice all while taking advantage of the savings our contracts offer.

We know that Food is not the only thing that makes your business run. That is why we have partnered with dozens of industry-leading suppliers to save you time, money and energy to focus on the most important parts of your business.

At Foodbuy, we believe diversity is the key to innovation and to creating opportunities for all suppliers. That is why we advocate for supplier diversity efforts across the foodservice industry and we lead by example.

Our Sourcing and Category Development teams work to benefit both members and suppliers, which gives us the ability to customize our program offering to best fit your business model.

Trust is the most important quality in a partnership, and we strive every day to provide our members with the most accurate and transparent data in the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect as a member of Foodbuy?

When you partner with Foodbuy, you can expect to get what you need for your business in the forms of customization, flexibility and savings. We connect our customers with the right suppliers for their business and put together winning strategies for each Member to maximize value and reduce cost whenever possible. We empower you to make the right supply chain choices for your business and offer you pure transparency along the way.

What types of products can Foodbuy offer my business?

Foodbuy has products and services to cover the needs of all types of facilities—from long-term care to acute care to retirement communities.

Whether you are looking for nutritional purees, soups, cleaning supplies or wireless services, Foodbuy has a broad portfolio that will make your operation successful and ensure your customers are getting the products they want and need.

Can Foodbuy provide the detailed nutritional information that I need to best serve my customers?

Yes. Foodbuy is able to offer our Members access to Webtrition – our web-based, proprietary ingredient, recipe and menu management solution. Webtrition has numerous capabilities that allow our customers to manage ingredients, define recipes, organize menus around food costs and more.

It also provides comprehensive reporting so customers know exactly what comprises each specific meal they serve. This reporting alone has made Webitrition one of Foodbuy’s most popular services with our Healthcare customers.

How do I go about ordering the products and services I need?

Foodbuy offers our Members access to Managed Order Guides (MOGs) to streamline the majority of their purchases from broadliners. Best practices in order guides managed by Foodbuy has resulted in improved compliance and reduced food cost. Additional benefits can include: a standardized ordering process; aggregation of products for stocking services with all Foodbuy customers using the same distributor; assurance distributors are providing the correct items; and product flagging which points users to products that provide the best net costs available.

Can I choose my own distributor?

Yes. Foodbuy is proud to be a distributor neutral procurement organization. We allow you to select and benefit from the distribution partner that best meets your business needs. Under the Foodbuy program, customers can choose to purchase from any of the major broadliners as well as local and regional distributors that provide produce and specialty meat and seafood offerings.

How can I be sure I am saving money and adding value to my organization?

Concierge by Foodbuy is an expert at identifying savings opportunities across our client’s supply chain. Focused solely on procurement, our team brings a unique blend of purchasing savvy, product expertise, and proven strategic processes in functional areas such sourcing, category development and distribution.

The core of food cost control begins with our purchasing strategy. Each Member has a focused account management team that will ensure your specific purchasing contract reflects the best unit pricing. Foodbuy delivers cost control measures though two main channels a Cost Modeling Methodology (from raw material to freight) and a Supply Chain Methodology (from consumer to raw material).

Does Foodbuy have a sustainability platform?

As the largest foodservice procurement organization in North America, Foodbuy embraces both the challenges and opportunities of sustainability and corporate social responsibility initiatives in the foodservice supply chain.

Foodbuy and Compass Group have strived to make positive change within the realm of sustainability by supporting local economies, sourcing sustainable seafood, implementing measures to address climate change issues and much more. Find more detail about our sustainability platform here.

How do I find out more about becoming a Member at Foodbuy?

For more information about becoming a Member, click here and a Foodbuy representative will be in touch: Become a Customer

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