Case Study

Foodbuy Offers Premium Regional, Local and Specialty Products at Competitive Prices

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The Challenge:

As a Michelin Star award-winning restaurant group, this Member prides itself on using the highest quality, local ingredients to craft unique, delectable dishes that their customers love. Although they were already purchasing local, regional and specialty products on their own, they approached Foodbuy to learn more about our product offerings in this category. Foodbuy’s Regional and Local Category Team investigated areas where we might be able to provide the same or similar regional and local products at a better cost.

The Solution:

Foodbuy’s Category Team partnered with this Member to evaluate their local, regional and specialty product portfolio and identify items where the Foodbuy program provided better pricing than what they were currently achieving. Our Market Basket Team provided detailed data that allowed the Member to see first hand how much they could save by being a Foodbuy member.
With $2.5 billion in local and regional spend and more than 500 contracted suppliers, Foodbuy offers the most competitive local and regional programs.

The Results:

  • Moving to Foodbuy’s local and regional programs, provided 9.8% overall savings with 10% or more on at least 5 major items including artichokes, lemons, pea leaves, grapefruit and brussel sprouts.
  • This Member was able to keep quality and variety of their products and menu consistent.
  • Moving to Foobuy’s local and regional programs allowed this Member to ensure superior traceability and recall capability.

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