The Foodbuy Member Portal, the technology that serves as the central hub for Foodbuy Members to access Member program information, financial reporting, industry updates and support, has been redeveloped and released to Foodbuy Members for immediate utilization. The updated technology driving the new version of the Foodbuy Member Portal provides:

  • On-demand, self-service reporting capabilities
  • Broader search capabilities with multi-level reporting functionality
  • Operator and Distributor reporting trends to help understand market dynamics
  • Interactive dashboards to quickly glance at numerous reporting metrics
  • Organized metadata to expedite category search options
  • Enhanced site search capability to simplify site navigation

Financial reporting in the Foodbuy Member Portal is supported by Foodbuy’s new transaction processing system, Supply Chain Manager, which is uniquely positioned to handle the tremendous amount of data that flows through our business and is designed to keep up with organizational growth. This innovative solution delivers on-demand, customized reporting, and provides a robust platform for continued innovation and optimization. Foodbuy is excited to deliver these enhancements to our dedicated Members via the new Member Portal. As we continue to provide more digital solutions, Foodbuy looks to meet the increasing demands of the marketplace and better support our customers.

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