Case Study

Taking a Break That’s Better for You

The Challenge:

When Canteen initially converted this account, the product selection was less than 50% healthy choices with a majority of options being traditional snacks and beverages. With service lines spanning vending, markets and coffee & office snacks, the product portfolio primarily included soda, candy, white sugar and powdered creamer for the breakroom and beyond. As a health care company priding itself on helping people live healthier lives, client leadership approached Canteen’s national account team, Canteen One, to help redesign its service and product offering to focus on healthier choices and to encourage sustainability, wellness and better-for-you options across all locations, beginning with its corporate headquarters.

The Solution:

Canteen partnered with this client to implement the Choice Plus program across all of its snack offerings. The Choice Plus initiative is part of Canteen’s strategy designed to support our clients’ wellness goals, and was developed by our team of registered dietitians and culinary experts to include the most popular products that also meet criteria supported by the latest nutrition and consumer research. Choice Plus implementation eliminated all candy products for this client.

To focus on beverages, Canteen worked with one of its equipment providers, Bevi, that specializes in providing pure, flavored and sparkling water dispensers for office locations. Bevi water units replaced all soda machines, and the dispensing format delivered a more sustainable beverage option versus single-use bottles and cans. The coffee and office snacks service offerings got upgraded to include sweetener alternatives such as Stevia, plant-based milk including almond milk and fresh fruit available at no cost.

The Results:

  • 90% healthy food and beverage options for corporate locations, including on-site cafes
  • Soda and candy eliminated completely
  • Bevi water dispensers replaced all soda machines
  • Upgraded coffee and tea offerings, including sweetener alternatives and plant-based milks
  • Free fresh fruit available weekly in the breakroom

The overall feedback from the client and employees at the corporate offices has been positive, especially around the free Bevi option, upgraded coffee and tea selections and expanded healthy choices.

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