Meet Our Trusted Produce Supplier, NPC Powered by Foodbuy 

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Fresh, delicious fruits and vegetables can make or break your dishes – and your restaurant’s reputation. That’s why choosing the right produce supplier is essential. Foodbuy Foodservice Members get the opportunity to partner with NPC Powered by Foodbuy to connect with top growers across the country. 


The Key to Produce Purchasing 

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You want to get top-quality fruits and vegetables without breaking your budget. The first step to savings is to assess your current purchasing strategy. You’ll want to ask yourself a few questions: 


Do we have strong relationships with our produce suppliers? Connecting with suppliers can help you determine which products work best for your company. A strong relationship makes this process easier. 

Are we relying on repeat orders or reassessing needs regularly? It’s important to reassess your needs every shipment, if possible. This ensures you’re not wasting supply when demand changes. 

Do we have consistent access to ordering advice on buying specific fruits and vegetables? Seasonality and environmental changes can largely impact specific species of produce. Does your team have a way to stay abreast of updates? 


Once you’ve determined the pain points in your current process, you’ll want to consider whether it’s time to partner with a group purchasing organization for your produce purchasing needs. 


Who Is NPC Powered by Foodbuy 

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Established in 1990, NPC Powered by Foodbuy is an important link in the fruit and vegetable supply chain. The Texas-based company partners with produce suppliers and distributors, connecting their Members to the highest quality items at competitive prices. Their Members include schools, healthcare organizations, contract food-feeding organizations, and restaurant chains. 


Now, as a branch of the Foodbuy family, NPC Powered by Foodbuy serves both their own clients and our Members, providing resources that make produce purchasing easier and more reliable than ever.  


Prioritizing Convenience 


How can NPC Powered by Foodbuy help your operation streamline ordering and save money? This group is not only backed by Foodbuy’s $30B+ in spend, but they also have an arsenal of resources available to Members. You can rely on them for: 


Specification management and SKU Optimization 

Implementation and management of direct grower contracts 

Individual and consolidated reporting 

Distributor and freight management 

POS applications, custom management analysis reports 

Traceability and recall alerts 

Cost transparency and price verification technology 

Web-based ordering platform 


Plus, you can trust that every produce supplier you work with through NPC Powered by Foodbuy is reliable.    

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Take Control of Produce Purchasing 

Serving top-of-the-line produce is a major win with guests. Saving money on your procurement plan is a major win with stakeholders. Learn more about NPC Powered by Foodbuy today to make a change for the better. 

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