Celebrate the Season With Regional Suppliers


When the holiday season rolls around, you want to deck the halls and dish out winter menu specials. If you’reGFI logo looking for products that will make your restaurant stand out, Foodbuy Foodservice’s Regional Category team can help. We offer a wide range of hors d’oeuvres, meat and cheese board ingredients, and bakery items through Gourmet Foods International (GFI).


While GFI is a regional supplier, its programs cover much of the U.S. through 10 strategically placed distribution centers. Not sure if GFI offers programs in your area? Ask your account manager now.


Charcuterie and Cheese Boards

hand smearing cheese with jam on cracker

You’ve likely heard how popular charcuterie and cheese boards are for parties. While offering these hors oeuvres as a static menu item can be time-consuming, running an order-ahead special for holiday parties is a great way to get some buzz around your business.


Gourmet Foods International connects you with all the ingredients you need for this winter menu special:


Gourmet cheeses

Cured meats

Olives and pickles

Crackers and breads

Specialty condiments


Make these snack boards to order or as an add-on to existing holiday meal packages.


Easy-Prep Additions


Maybe you want a winter menu special that won’t require any training or additional labor needs. Easy-prep items can help you mix things up without disruption. This can mean adding new appetizers that come pre-prepared or using other easy-prep items like seasoned kabobs in a dinner meal. Browse GFI’s catalogue for ideas.

Mixing Cultural Influences


Is your restaurant New Year’s resolution to experiment with different cuisines? A winter menu special is a

lamb, roast, vegetable, beef, kebab, meal, meat, pepper, skewer, tomato, dinner, food, shashlik, shish, hot, ketchup, picnic, rosemary, turkish, barbecue, black, chicken, grill, grilled, lunch, pork, roasted, sauce, spice, turkey, cooked, cooking, cuisine, delicious, dish, fresh, fried, ingredient, snack, traditional, bar-b-q, kabob, fast, party, product, ground, restaurant, barbeque, camping, caucasian, lahmacun, Ali nazik, mezeler, side,

low-risk way to test the waters with your diners. Gourmet Foods

International’s catalogue includes products inspired by multiple cuisines. From adding a kimchi burger to your lunch menu to offering tamales as a Christmas meal choice, GFI has options for you.


Dive Into Desserts


The holidays are a great opportunity to add cannoli or macarons to your menu. Customers are looking to celebrate – that means more dessert orders. GFI can connect you with desserts, pastries, and breads to add the cherry on top of your menuing.

Cannoli with ingredients for filling on the stone background top view

There are many ways to spice up your menu this winter. Foodbuy Foodservice can help you choose the best options. Do you have questions about regional programs at Foodbuy Foodservice? Our Regional Category Team can help. Email [email protected] today.


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