Could Your Disposable Restaurant Supplies Save You Money?


Finding savings in unexpected places is all about reviewing your current strategies and purchases, then finding the places where savings are hidden. Reviewing your disposable purchasing plan is a great place to start. You may find you’re spending more than expected on disposable restaurant supplies.


Understanding the Impact: Disposable Restaurant Supplies

Pre-packaged vegetable salads in disposable packaging displayed in a commercial refrigerator

The 2020 pandemic took takeout and delivery from occasional indulgences to common practices for more Americans than ever. With the rise in demand for to-go meals, so came a bigger need for disposable cutlery and packaging. According to the Foodservice Packaging Institute, 50% of Americans use single-use items once a week.


If you’re keeping up with demand for these disposable items, you’re probably spending a pretty penny on purchasing in this category. That’s why refining your procurement strategy when it comes to items like to-go boxes and plastic forks is important.


Programs to Watch


Choosing the right disposable restaurant supplies can be tricky. You want to find high-quality items that fit your brand standards, but you also want to sign onto programs that fit your budget. If you work with Foodbuy Foodservice, you have a few options.

Our Disposable Category experts recommend:


Pactiv Evergreen – A long-standing packaging provider in the foodservice industry, Pactiv Evergreen’s portfolio covers a wide range of disposables. From cutlery to to-go boxes, they have options that suit a variety of functional and aesthetic needs. You can find recommended products under the Pactiv Corp and Earth

Waiter in black uniform is packing takeaway food in a paper bag while standing behind the counter

Choice lines.


Huhtamaki – This sustainability conscious company brought to the market an innovative molded-fiber

product that meets PFAS requirements for many states. This makes them an ideal option for both fast-casual applications and any restaurants looking to improve sustainability. You can find these products under the Envirables line.


Strategize to Save


While your first step may be finding the right programs, the second step is cutting out any inefficiencies in your disposable restaurant supplies purchasing strategy. Here are a few ways to trim the fat from your plan:

Rationalize SKUs wherever possible – cutting down to a few products can save you money on your overall orders.

Don’t overthink appearances – minor aesthetic changes like switching from white forks to black forks or transitioning to certain bag design can make all the difference, with minimal disruption to customers.

Young woman eating take out food with closeup on a broccoli on a plastic disposable single use fork

Reassess usage – don’t just assume that your past orders are perfect. Looking at how much product you use each month compared with how much you order can help you cut down excess.

Looking for more ways to save? Foodbuy Foodservice has a full suite of resources at our disposal. Contact an account manager today.

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