Delivery and To-Go Orders Are Here to Stay


The restaurant industry has seen a significant shift in recent years, with takeout and delivery services becoming increasingly popular as diners look for convenient and delicious dining options. If you’re considering adding takeout services to your restaurant or looking to improve your existing offerings, here are some tips to help you create a seamless and profitable takeout experience for your customers.


1. Streamline Your Takeout MenuA view of several entrees prepared inside to-go plastic containers, ready for take-out orders, in a restaurant setting.


Not all dishes are suitable for takeout or travel well. Carefully evaluate your menu and select items that can maintain their quality during transport. You’ll also want to consider the preparation time of different dishes. While dine-in customers may be more willing to wait an hour for their deep-dish pizza, a to-go order may need to be ready a little faster.

2. Determine Your Container Needs


You can’t offer your customer favorites to go without the proper packaging. It’s important to take time to figure out which containers you need and how each item should be packaged. You may want to use separate containers for different elements of an item. For example, you wouldn’t place your lava cake and its ice cream topping in the same to-go container. You need to decide how everything should be packaged, then train your team on the process.


The meals containers prepared for take away in kitchen restaurant.

3. Plan Your Order Management Strategy

Will you be taking online orders or manning the phone? Maybe you’re allowing deliveries through a third-party app. You’ll want to decide now which option is best for your business.


Offering some type of online ordering option is usually your best bet. Most diners are used to being able to log onto a site to choose their meals. However, some restauranteurs prefer the simplicity of just having diners call in. This allows them to skip any technical setup. Regardless of your choice, you should indicate clearly on your website and social media pages how diners can place to-go orders.

Group of friends eating a take-away food while sitting at the dining table

Homing in on Diner’s Needs

Despite the renaissance of dining out in the past year, the desire for take-out and delivery meals doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Accommodating your customers who’d rather enjoy their enchiladas or sushi rolls at home is just as important now as ever.

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