How to Take Advantage of the Summer Busy Season 


When the weather gets warm, consumers crave summer fun. That’s great news for restauranteurs, especially when it translates to an influx of guests. However, with so much competition out there, how can you make sure that your operation gets a share of the busy season? 

Read on for our tips for attracting summer diners. 


Menu for the Seasons 

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Nothing says Summer like fresh, seasonal produce and seafood. Launching Summer menu specials is a great way to get diners in the door. When looking for menu inspiration, Foodbuy Foodservice experts recommend: 


Contacting your regional and local food suppliers to ask about in-season products. 

Leaning into classic summer themes like barbecues and picnics.  

Exploring lighter fare, like salads, poke bowls, and sandwiches. 


A new special might garner interest amongst regulars and new guests alike. 


Revamp Your Outdoor Dining Options 

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When the weather is nice, no one wants to stay inside. Offering updated outdoor dining spaces will make your eatery more desirable to diners who crave sunshine. However, making sure these spaces are comfortable and appealing is a must. 


Before opening your deck or patio for the summer, you’ll want to check for any damaged or worn-down areas. For example, missing patio pavers or broken deck railing. It’s important to get these fixed before you open your outdoor space. 


Next, you’ll want to make sure your outdoor dining area still looks presentable. That might mean repainting, planting new greenery, or updating furniture. A refresh can make your space look brand new. 


Consider Cocktail Specials 


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Everyone knows that a cold drink is a great way to cool off on a hot day. Offering cocktail and non-alcoholic cold beverage specials during the summer can help you attract diners who want to beat the heat. 

You can play around trending flavors or classic favorites. Either way, you can advertise these specials more effectively by displaying your drink menu outside of your restaurant and sharing about it on social media. The goal is to get the attention of consumers when they’re craving something cold.  


Make This Summer More Successful Than Ever 


Planning for success this summer might mean revamping menus or refreshing your patio. It might also mean optimizing your product and service procurement strategy. Foodbuy Foodservice can help through best-in-class group purchasing and consulting solutions. Contact one of our team members now to get started. 


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