Diversey Program Offers Unmatched Savings and Streamlined Operations

Diversey’s mission is to go beyond clean to take care of what’s precious. That means taking care of people, businesses, local economies, growing industries, and the planet. Foodbuy Foodservice partners with Diversey to connect our Members with products that do exactly that. Diversey’s complete hygiene program is comprised of innovative products, services, and technologies that take care of what’s precious in an easy, cost-effective, sustainable, and efficient way.

You Need More Than Products to Run a Successful Operation

Diversey can help you develop a top-notch, educated team with onsite, on-demand, virtual and written training options. Plus, you’ll have easy access to technical support and industry experts. All of this is possible due to Foodbuy and Diversey’s true-value partnership based on the following principles:

Super-concentrated chemistry through proprietary, closed loop dispensing technology

SKU simplification to reduce complexity and total annual spend while increasing compliance

Streamlined operations with 5-STAR Service Excellence program

Integrated solutions, including lease dish machines, food safety audits, and technical consultancy capabilities

Going Beyond Expectations

The optimized Diversey Program delivers unmatched savings, simplified operations, improved cleanliness, and safety for over 11,000 locations so far. Foodbuy foodservice Members can experience 25% in total program savings and 80% in SKU reduction. Floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall, they have you covered.

Kitchens and Food Prep Areas

  • Easy-to-implement solutions
  •  Access to training and procedural guidance

J-Fill® Dispensing Technology

  • Products and systems ensuring performance, safety, and simplicity
  • New metering tips in every bottle, ensuring correct dilution
  • 100% recyclable Spill-TiteTM/MC packaging

Public Areas

  • Integrated solutions for multiple application areas
  • Options for daily, heavy-duty, and specialty solutions

Lease Dish Machine Program

  • Custom program built for each kitchen
  • Installation and service through in-house service team
  • Complete Diversey maintenance program

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Empower Your Procurement

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