Category Experts Weigh in on Restaurant Server Uniforms and Beyond 


When guests visit your restaurant, you want them to immediately notice your brand identity. One way to create a cohesive look and feel is to choose the right restaurant server uniforms. Before you jump into finding the perfect style, you’ll first need to ask yourself: “should I rent or buy our uniforms?”  

Foodbuy Foodservice category experts weigh in on the benefits of renting and buying uniforms. Check them out below. 


The Case for Buying 


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While flexibility can be nice, for some businesses consistency is better. If you have a strong brand presence and long-term staff, buying a set of uniforms may be best. This is especially true when it comes to your front-of-house staff. Keeping the same shirts, jackets, or aprons over the years can make your brand image feel more consistent. It can also be cheaper in the long term. When you buy uniforms, you’re often avoiding added fees from rentals even though your upfront cost may be larger. 


Another upside of buying your restaurant server uniforms, chef coats, and other uniform items, is that you can customize each piece. Maybe you want your chef’s coats to all say their names or your server shirts to include a business logo. You have that option when you buy.  


The Case for Renting 

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Not interested in commitment? Renting uniforms may be your best bet. Working with a rental service allows you to switch up colors and styles as often as you’d like. Whether your branding changes often or you just prefer to stay on trend, you can adapt to the times with rentals. Maybe your team is battling employee turnover. You can avoid repeatedly buying new sizes with rentals. 


Another major benefit of uniform rentals is the included maintenance. Most programs will have solutions for steaming and removing wrinkles. Your employees will likely appreciate this, as they won’t have to handle as much maintenance themselves. Plus, when old uniforms become worn out, most rental companies will replace them. This can save you money and time spent dealing with dirty or damaged shirts and chef coats.  


Find Your Perfect Fit 


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The key to making the decision on your restaurant server and chef uniforms? Asking yourself and your team the right questions.  


Before you make the decision on buying or renting, you’ll want to ask yourself: 


Do we have a lot of employee turnover or a consistent staff? 

Do we need uniforms that showcase our brand or have other custom elements? 

Do we plan to update our uniforms frequently or rarely? 

Once you know the answers to these questions, you can make an informed uniform choice. 


Your Supplier Makes the Biggest Difference 

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Whether you decide to rent or buy, the best strategy for finding high-quality uniforms is to partner with a supplier you trust. Foodbuy Foodservice can connect you with the ideal vendor for your needs. Our account managers work closely with category experts to find programs that fit every need. 

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