How Does Food Waste Impact the Economy and Environment?

Food waste contributes to both economic and environmental issues and impacts supply chains from production to consumption. When food is wasted, valuable natural resources, such as water, land, and energy, are squandered, as well. Additionally, food waste generates financial losses and increased costs.

Businesses have a corporate social responsibility to address how to mitigate food waste to reduce their environmental impact, fulfill their responsibilities, and preserve their reputation. By implementing strategies to minimize food waste, businesses can achieve maximum benefits that extend far past their minimum requirements.


Benefits of Reducing Food Waste in the Food Industry

Reducing food waste offers a multitude of benefits. It contributes to the preservation of our environment by lessening the strain on resources like water, land, and energy. It also increases profitability and efficiency by using waste management protocols. By limiting the waste of food, operators limit the waste of money. Plus, businesses that address their corporate social responsibility attract more socially conscious customers and improve their overall reputation.

Strategies for Food Waste Reduction

  • Menu Planning: analyze menu offerings to optimize use of food while reducing waste, as well as implementing portion control to avoid excess waste
  • Use of Technology: use technology to track and measure food waste through the supply chain, demand forecasting to predict customer demand and purchasing quantities, and monitor systems to identify waste patterns in order to decrease food surpluses
  • Consumer Education: spread awareness about the importance of reduction of food waste, as well as provide education on meal planning, checking expiration dates, and use of leftovers
  • Optimize Production and Storage: promote just-in-time production methods to reduce pre-prepared food waste and encourage training on proper storage techniques and food shelf life

Foodbuy’s Approach to Food Waste Reduction

Foodbuy Foodservice is committed to minimizing food waste across the foodservice industry through multiple strategies and resources. Our efforts include partnering with Compass Sectors and Members for National Stop Food Waste Day every April.

By aligning environmental goals with business practices, Foodbuy demonstrates its commitment to establishing a sustainable future in the food service industry. Learn more about Foodbuy’s sustainability initiatives here.

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