Consult a Foodservice Equipment Buying Group


Whether you serve one hundred or one hundred thousand customers each day, you need a lot of equipment to serve your guests. When you’re just getting started, figuring out what’s necessary and what isn’t can feel overwhelming. You’ll want a full list to bring to your foodservice equipment buying group. You can start with the one below.

The specific equipment you need will vary depending on the type and size of your restaurant, but these are some common foodservice equipment examples.


Cooking Equipment

Part of a modern kitchen in the restaurant or hotel with professional equipments - steel gas cooker, pots and pans ( low DOF)

Ranges, ovens, and cooktops

Grills, griddles, and charbroilers




Sous vide machines

Combi-ovens (combination ovens)

Tandoor ovens (used in Indian cuisine)

Pizza ovens


Refrigeration and Freezing Equipment

Low Temperature of Front Frozen Food Storage Cold Room.

Walk-in coolers and freezers

Reach-in refrigerators and freezers

Display refrigerators and freezers

Refrigerated prep tables

Blast chillers

Ice machines


Food Preparation Equipment

Ladles collection in a restaurant kitchen

Food processors




Immersion blenders

Vacuum sealers

Cutting boards and knives


Storage and Shelving Equipment

kitchenware shop

Shelving units

Storage racks

Ingredient bins

Food storage containers (e.g., plastic containers, food pans)


Beverage Equipment

Coffee shop worker preparing coffee on steam espresso coffee machine. Cropped shot of man working in coffee shop wearing an apron.

Coffee makers and espresso machines

Tea brewers


Soda dispensers

Bar equipment (e.g. beer taps, cocktail shakers)

Dishwashing and Sanitation Equipment

Handsome employee doing dishes in commercial kitchen. Order with a foodservice equipment buying group

Commercial dishwashers

Sink stations

Pot and pan washers

Garbage disposals

Hand sinks

Serving and Display Equipment

Catering Food Wedding Event Table

Buffet stations

Food warming and holding equipment

Countertop food warmers

Salad bars and sneeze guards

Display cases

Serving utensils and trays


Smallwares and Utensils

Bar counter with clean dishes close up. Barroom in restaurant, ready for work. Cafe background. Kitchen utensils, cookware (cups, a stack of plates, saucers, spoons, a teapot) on bar in cafe foodservice equipment buying group

Pots, pans, and baking sheets

Chef knives and utensils

Mixing bowls and measuring cups

Tongs, spatulas, and ladles

Cutting boards and chef’s knives

Baking and pastry tools


Your Kitchen Setup Depends on Your Needs

Your first conversation with your foodservice equipment buying group may help you narrow down your needs or add to your initial list. It all depends on the type of cuisine you serve, your restaurant size, and the specific needs of your diners.

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