Learn About the Top Group Purchasing Organization for Foodservice Operators


Have you heard the term “group purchasing organization” in foodservice sourcing conversations? What is this supposed key to procurement success? And can it really save your organization money on purchasing food, supplies, and services?

Read on to learn more about how GPOs can support your restaurant business.

What Is a Group Purchasing Organization for Foodservice Operations?


A group purchasing organization, or GPO, is a buying group that secures optimal prices on products and services by leveraging their buying power. Because they represent the buying power of all their members combined, GPOs are able to better negotiate with vendors. This results in high-quality programs for competitive prices.

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How Can You Save Money With a GPO?


When working with a GPO, saving money is straightforward. Most organization will assign you with an account manager who will make sure you know which programs are available and a good fit for your business.

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All you’ll have to do is reach out to your point of contact and ask if there’s a program available to suit a specific need. Let’s say you want to cut costs on your dishwasher liquid. You’d ask your account manager if your GPO has a program for that exact product. If they do, you can easily switch to the GPO program. You’ll get the same products but for an optimized price.

If your GPO doesn’t have a program that includes that exact product, they may recommend a different SKU or supplier, depending on what will fit your operational needs. You’ll get the chance to review these and can even request samples or pilot groups. It’s all about finding the perfect fit for you.


What Can You Source Through Foodservice GPOs?


Are you spending too much on center of the plate products? Maybe your produce plan isn’t up to standards.

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Group purchasing organizations supply foodservice operators with a variety of both products and services. The options will vary based on the type of GPO you choose. Some organizations are specific to food or equipment programs. Others will provide a whole host of programs to fit versatile needs. You’ll want to ask about program breadth and depth before you sign on.

Get Started on Savings


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