Supplying Your Space: Front of House

Saving money through your supply chain strategy is addicting. When you find a restaurant group purchasing organization you can trust, you’ll be looking for ways to partner more closely. That means thinking about your entire operation, from floor to ceiling, and how you can align with programs that satisfy all your sourcing needs.

Foodbuy Foodservice has group purchasing programs that run the gamut. Read on to learn how we can meet your front of house needs.

High Standards of Cleanliness

waiter wiping down surface

Making a stellar first impression starts with maintaining your facility. A perfectly clean space might not attract attention but a dirty one will. That’s why you’ll want to make sure you’re including facilities maintenance services in your procurement plan.

You’ll want to ask your restaurant group purchasing organization if they offer programs for:

Landscaping and lawncare services
HVAC and electrical maintenance
Cleaning supplies and equipment
Routine cleaning services

Purchasing these services and supplies through your GPO will save you money and provide consistency.

Look the Part

Next time you call your staff in for lineup, think about their appearance. If half of your staff is in outdated uniforms and the other half is just getting by with a plain shirt and pants, you may be confusing your patrons.

restaurant servers and manager posing in uniform

Investing in high-quality uniforms is important to the overall look of your restaurant. A group purchasing organization that offers programs with versatile styles is your best bet. That way, you can outfit your hosts, servers, and bartenders with looks that are as formal or trendy as you like. No matter what style you choose, high-quality uniforms create a cohesive look for your staff.

Set Up for Success

busy restaurant scene

What else is missing from your front-of-house set up? Foodbuy Foodservice can help you fill in the cracks. Maybe you’re missing small wares and plates. You might want to explore linen rentals for your tables. We even offer Direct TV programs – popular with sports bars. All you have to do is tell your account manager what you’re missing, and we’ll connect you with programs that fit the bill.

If you’re looking for a restaurant group purchasing organization that has comprehensive sourcing coverage, make the switch to Foodbuy Foodservice today.

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