Supplying Your Space: Back of House


You’ve read about all the products and services you need to operate your business from the front of the house, but what about your back-of-house needs? You’ll want your procurement strategy to cover every element that your office and kitchen needs. Read our checklist of procurement essentials below.


Equipment That Completes Your Space


equipment maintenance

Even the best kitchen staff can’t create a meal without the proper equipment. You want to make sure you have the flat tops, fryers, and refrigerators your team needs to create delicious meals. Desserts, and appetizers. Plus, you’ll want equipment that can stand up to near-constant use. That’s why working with vendors you trust is essential. You can vet supplies yourself or work through a group purchasing organization.


There’s nothing worse than having to turn customers away due to broken appliances. Maintaining these systems is just as important as buying the correct models. That’s why your procurement strategy should also include routine maintenance services. You can either work with the equipment supplier or a third party. As long as your kitchen is receiving regular upkeep, you’ll be able to avoid inconveniences.


The Cutting Edge in Your Kitchen


What about the tools your team uses when cooking? Every kitchen needs:




Cutting boards

Pots and pans



cooking utensils laid out on table

Most importantly, you need high-quality knives to get nearly every job done. Your procurement strategy should not only include programs that provide knives, but also sharpening services. Scheduling routine care for these tools will not only keep your kitchen efficient, but it can also protect your staff from injuries. A dull knife is a serious injury waiting to happen.

Explore Sanitary Solutions


Keeping your operation up-to-code means maintaining your kitchen perfectly. If you want to avoid a B or C rating, routine cleaning and disinfecting services are a valuable add to your procurement strategy. The goal is to find a janitorial team that suits your needs and can visit your space as often as needed.

Additionally, you’ll want to account for things like cleaning supplies and uniform laundering in your sourcing plan. Enrolling in programs with suppliers in advance will allow you to stay ahead of messes. That way, you won’t worry when inspection time comes around.

sudsy sponge in sink

Manage Your Operation From an Equipped Office


The back of house doesn’t just mean your kitchen and dish pit. It also includes your office space. Your management team has needs when it comes to supplies and services, too. That means finding programs for everything from pens to paper to laptops. You may even need desk furniture. Procuring everything at the same time will make the process easier.


Does your procurement strategy fully cover back-of-house needs? If not, speak with a Foodbuy Foodservice account manager today.

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