Finding the Best Product Is its Own Sweet Reward

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From homemade cookies to molten lava cake, many Americans prefer chocolate when it comes to dessert flavors. But when procuring your sweet ingredients, how can you make sure you’re sourcing the right chocolate products? There are several things to think about when planning your restock of chocolate. Read on to learn more.


1. Find the Recipe Fit

Not all chocolate is created equal. Different brands and types of chocolate can have differing cocoa percentages, flavor intensities, and ingredients. You’ll want to determine which options suit your recipes, then try to find one product that will fulfill all your chocolate dishes. That way, you’ll streamline ordering with one SKU, ultimately saving money.


The buyer chooses candy, the seller puts the candy in the box.

2. Put Your Products to the Test

While you may feel confident in your product choice, it’s always best to sample SKUs in your existing recipes before placing a bulk or recurring order. This will give you an insight into how the product performs in different applications. You can test elements like texture, melting point, and specific flavor profiles.

3. Build for Your Budget

You likely always consider price when choosing products, however, balancing cost and quality is a never-ending challenge. When it comes to finding that synergy with your chocolate-buying plan, you’ll want to consider a few elements:


Application – if your chocolate is the star of your recipe, you’ll want to opt for higher-quality options.

Audience – does your clientele expect only the finest from your restaurant, or do they prefer a low price?

Appetite – are your desserts your restaurant’s claim to fame or an add-on? If diners rarely order dessert, quality may not be your focus.

Seal the Sweet Deal

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Once you’ve determined the exact product or products you need to complete your menu, you’re ready to treat your guests. However, as with any product, it’s important to maintain your supplier relationship as time goes on. This can mean routine communication with your vendor, as well as diligent tracking of your orders and product quality.


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