Does Your Menu Cater to the Health Conscious?

Today more than ever, diners are paying extra attention to the nutritional value of their plates. Americans now seek out nourishing options that promote well-being without compromising flavor. Restaurants around the world have responded to this growing demand, incorporating innovative ingredients and techniques into their menus. Looking to stay competitive in the world of healthy options? Explore these current trends in the foodservice industry that reflect a focus on health.


1. Refuse the BoozeHappy friends lunching with healthy food in bar coffee brunch - Young people having fun eating meal and drinking fresh smoothies in restaurant - Health nutrition lifestyle concept

Alcohol is always a big seller in restaurants, but what about your low alcohol and alcohol-free beverage options? Since the pandemic, sober and sober-curious lifestyles have taken off with many diners trying to reduce their alcohol consumption or stop it altogether.

While sodas and juices have always been an alcohol-free option, this increasing movement is convincing many restaurants to go further. If you’ve never had a market or low-alcohol beers or mocktails, you may have one now.


2. Go With Your Gut

A healthy digestive system starts in the kitchen. Gut health is a hot topic with many Americans looking to improve their overall wellness. It seems that every day new research is touting the benefits of maintaining a healthy gut biome and consumers are all about it.

The result? More requests for gut-healthy ingredients, such as fermented foods like kimchi and sauerkraut. Want to kill two birds with one stone? Add non-alcoholic kombucha to your drink menu to satisfy two current trends in the foodservice industry at once.


Cropped image of cafeteria customers holding smoothie cocktails and gesturing cheers during friendly meeting in bistro, selective focus on colorful milkshakes with mixed ripe fruits and fresh veggies

3. Smooth Moves Only

Smoothies and smoothie bowls are nothing new in the restaurant world. However, many operators are noticing increased requests for these items after COVID. Experts from U.S. News note that this current trend in the foodservice industry may have travel restrictions to thank. After several years of limited travel, diners may just be craving tropical flavors that remind them of their favorite vacations.

Position Yourself as an Industry Leader

Making menu updates that speak to current trends in the foodservice industry is the key to keeping your restaurant in the limelight. If you’re interested in menu development services, Foodbuy’s Culinary Consulting Team can help. In addition to cuttings and consultations, this team of professional chefs offers menu engineering and training. Ask your Foodbuy Foodservice account manager about them today.


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