Spice Up Your Restaurant’s Menu Strategy


Food trends are nothing new to the restaurant world. From the rise of avocado toast to the introduction of plant-based milk alternatives, diners’ tastes tend to change. You want your establishment to stay up to date on the current trends. That way, you can attract new customers, and bring new life to some of your older menu items.


This series looks at the top ingredient trends in food service purchasing of 2022. We’ve consulted Chef Tom Marlow from our Foodbuy Culinary Solutions team to identify ingredients that will elevate your restaurant menu strategy this year.


It’s Time to Add Spice


Spicy food is a vital part of many regional cuisines. As different cooking styles and dishes become more popular globally, food service enterprises find themselves experiencing a higher demand for heat-packed menu items.


Trends show that the average diner is feeling more of a need for heat. Spicy foods are more on trend than ever before, as consumers are becoming more knowledgeable about sources of heat and spice levels. This partially due to the rising popularity of international cuisines and to changing demographics – many believe that Generation Z will be the last predominantly white generation in the US.


What does this mean for your food service purchasing plan? Adding unique spices and hot sauces to your restaurant menu strategy is a good idea. It’s time to showcase heat-packed specials and advertise challengingly hot dishes.


Can Your Kitchen Take the Heat?


A 2019 study reported that more than 50% of consumers choose spicy options when dining out or at home. But how can you add hot options to your restaurant menu strategy without overhauling your current offerings? Some savory foods can easily be adjusted to become hotter. For example, Indian, Mexican, and Cajun cuisines traditionally include spice. Adding more heat to your Cajun pasta dish or salsa appetizer can make a big impact. This can help you resurrect less popular menu items for minimal cost.


You’ll want to consider what your current menu includes before you start working on your spicy food service purchasing plan. The same study reported that consumers were most willing to try a new spicy dish if it’s an entrée, snack, or dip. Meanwhile, spicy drinks and desserts were less popular options. If you want to avoid adding a dish to your menu that never gets ordered, you’ll want to start with a main course or appetizer.

Add These SKUs to Your Next Order


Foodbuy Foodservice works with various suppliers of spices and sauces. That means you’ll always be able to find mild, medium, and hot options to add to your pantry.


Here are some products you can incorporate into your menu:


The French’s Red Hot Sauce Red Hot Honey Garlic (MIT-1383227) can be added to sandwiches, chicken dishes and more. It creates a sweet and spicy combination that’s become popular with American foodies.


The Woodland Foods Tandoori Spice Blend (MIT-1031334) combines the heat of cayenne and paprika with garlic and lemon notes. This traditional Indian seasoning can be combined with yogurt as a marinade for chicken, lamb, or vegetables.


The Tres Cocinas Guajillo Medium Authentic Pepper Paste (MIT-2029876) provides the smoky heat of dried chilis. This paste is an ideal way to add spice to salsas, soups and sauces.


Looking for flavors that are a little tamer? Here are some classic spices at a great value:


McCormick Seasoning Chili Powder Sriracha (MIT-1364018)


McCormick Seasoning Caribbean Jerk (MIT-1006602)


Old Bay Seasoning Seafood No MSG (MIT-1006622)


French’s – Red Hot Sauce Pepper Cayenne Original Plastic (MIT-1002229)


French’s – Red Hot Sauce Buffalo Wing Red Hot Plastic (MIT-1002234)



There’s a spice for every kind of cuisine. Whether you choose to feature a vindaloo or jambalaya, Foodbuy can connect you with the ingredients you need.


It’s time to adjust your restaurant menu strategy. Contact your account manager today to discuss food service purchasing.

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