Foodservice Providers Can Take Advantage of a Variety of Fish and Shellfish Options


When you think of seafood dishes, only a few types of fish and shellfish may come to mind. For years, many diners were only interested in tuna, salmon, shrimp, and scallops, give or take some regional or cuisine-specific options. Now, as the average American begins to diversify their protein sources, foodservice providers can incorporate a wider variety of dishes. This not only gives your chefs an opening to explore new options but creates an opportunity for you to improve your procurement strategy.


Is Ocean Fare on Trend?

According to an International Food Information Council study, American diners are exploring new protein sources with 23% of those polled saying they’re trying to eat more seafood.


Seafood is being touted by health gurus as a lean source of protein, preferable to red meat from a health standpoint. It’s also seen as having less of a detrimental impact on the environment than other animal proteins. The above-mentioned study showed that 42% ranked meat and poultry in the top three foods having the greatest negative effect on the environment, compared to 27% ranking seafood as the worst for the environment.


 Affordable Options for Any Enterprise


So, how can foodservice providers stay on trend while dealing with inflation? It may be easier than you think. While prices for seafood are increasing alongside other protein sources, their cost-per-portion is still lower than items like steak. Plus, sourcing from local and regional fisheries for in-season options can decrease spend even further.


Maybe you’re interested in using a more cost-effective fish in your menu to add variety and save money. Experts from Foodbuy Foodservice’s culinary solutions team recommend getting creative. You can easily elevate a dish by crusting or garnishing fish with crab or lobster sauce. Your guests will be more impressed by your cod or pollock dish when it’s presented in style.

What’s in Season Right Now?

Foodbuy Foodservice has a wide range of programs for you to choose from when adding more seafood to your menu. If you’re interested in seasonal fish and shellfish, our regional and local suppliers can provide you with numerous options for high-quality specials sure to delight your guests.


Not sure which fish and shellfish to buy right now? These species will be your ideal options for August, September, and October:













Tuna, triggerfish, and lobster will be great options throughout the end of the year, while redfish and sheepshead will be in-season through November. Follow Foodbuy on social media to find out which fish are in season each month.


Stock Up on Seafood

Some foodservice providers would rather maintain a more consistent menu. We offer broadline products that suit fast-casual and high-end menus year-round.


Here are some specific products the Foodbuy Foodservice seafood category team recommends these items from Highliner Foods:


MIT-1067279 Tilapia Filet Battered Redhook ESB Ale Beer 4-5 Oz 1/10 Lb
MIT-2003557 Perch Ocean Filet Breaded 2-3 Oz 1/5 Lb
MIT-1002001 Pollock Breaded Portion Square 4 Oz Raw 1/10 Lb
MIT-1279314 Tilapia Natural Filet Potato Crunch Style 4 Oz 1/10 Lb
MIT-1279072 Flounder Filet Breaded Yellow Tail All You Can Eat 3 Oz 1/10 Lb
MIT-1279298 Pollock Beer Battered 3 Oz 1/10 Lb
MIT-1334680 Pollock Battered Beer Filet Raw 2 Oz 1/10 Lb
MIT-1760999 Pollock Alaska Wild Wing Breaded Southern Style .8 Oz 2/5 Lb
MIT-1399438 Pangasius Fillet Battered Redhook Ale 2-4 Oz 9/4 Lb


Whether you’re planning seasonal specials or permanent menu fixtures, exploring the world of seafood products can make your 2022 go swimmingly. Speak with a Foodbuy Foodservice account manager today to explore our programs.

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