Case Study

Franchise Switches to Diversey for 24% Savings

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The Challenge:

When this Member began onboarding with Foodbuy Foodservice, they were looking for ways to save money on procurement without negatively impacting their diners. The Foodbuy team recommended a switch to Diversey for cleaning chemicals in order to reduce costs with minimal disruption to customers.

The Member initially requested a pilot test in four stores. The savings analysis for this pilot reported 15% in unit savings and franchisee surveys reported improved cleaning/sanitation performance, convincing the Member to make a full conversion for all franchisees.

The Solution:

Diversey took a hands-on approach alongside the Foodbuy team when converting locations. They developed an implementation calendar based on the Member’s requests for several waves of conversion. First, the Diversey team spoke with each franchisee to schedule survey dates and visited every location to create a custom, comprehensive plan for the switch. Then, they agreed on shipping and installation dates to ensure a seamless transition.

Once installations were complete, the Diversey team hosted in-person and virtual trainings for various locations and provided contact information to field any questions from operators. Finally, the Diversey team visited the Member’s headquarters in Colorado for an in-person Q&A session.

The Results:

At the time of writing, 126 locations have been converted and all new locations will open with Diversey as their chemical supplier.

  • Predicted annual savings of $136K.
  • 24% savings achieved through location switches.
  • Improved cleaning and sanitation performance across the board.

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