Plan Comforting Winter Restaurant Specials This Year

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As winter settles in and the yearning for familiar comfort foods grows stronger, the culinary world continues to evolve. In the backdrop of 2023’s culinary landscape, where global flavors have woven into everyday dining experiences, the emergence of regional cuisines takes center stage. In this environment, patrons seek both warmth and novelty. That means that incorporating diverse regional soups and sandwiches into winter restaurant specials presents an enticing opportunity for operators.

Looking for easy ways to pull off comfort food LTOs this season? Read on.


Getting Global Inspiration

There are many ways to serve up comforting meals. From Tikki Masala-inspired dishes from India to American classics like New England Clam Chowder, global cuisine covers a wide variety of options. Here are some of our favorite soup and sandwich combos:

Mexican Torta & Sopa de Tortilla: Spice-infused torta complemented by a soul-soothing tomato-based soup.

Japanese Ramen & Katsu Sando: Ramen bowls paired with a crispy pork cutlet sandwich, a fusion of comforting umami.

French Onion Soup & Croque Monsieur: Classic French duo resonating with savory cheese and decadent flavors.


All these options and many more make for perfect winter restaurant specials.

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Save on Labor With Preparation

Implementing new temporary and permanent menu items often comes with labor needs. However,

planning can help you avoid any big disruptions.

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First, you’ll want to opt for recipes that boast authentic flavors without intricate preparation methods. Simplicity is key. Second, you may consider using pre-cut, prepped, or even pre-cooked regional ingredients in your dishes. That might even mean choosing a pre-made soup and adding toppings or extra seasoning. Finally, you can batch cook to ensure consistency and reduce prep time. Prepare larger quantities of soup bases or sandwich fillings that can be utilized across multiple days.


 Teaming Up With Supplier Partners


What’s the difference between a dish that reflects its culture of origin and a cheap imitation? Oftentimes, it’s sourcing high-quality ingredients that adds to the authenticity. That’s why your supplier partners are an important part of the winter restaurant special plan. You’ll want to make sure you communicate with your suppliers in advance to make sure they’ll have the ingredients available during your limited-time offer.

Start Planning Your Plates

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Incorporating regional soup and sandwich specials into menus offers a flavorful journey that resonates with the ever-evolving tastes of today’s patrons. As the culinary landscape continues to evolve, embracing this trend enriches not just menus but also the dining experiences of eager consumers seeking comfort on a plate.


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