Mix Things Up at the Bar This Year


When diners visit your restaurant, brewery, or bar, they’re looking for more than a basic meal and beverage. They want a unique sensory experience. If you want your properties to keep customers interested, you’ll want to check out these 2024 beverage trends.

It’s Time to Adjust the Temperature

According to Bloomberg, one common denominator in top food and beverage markets is the hot beverage trend. Bartenders are looking to combine taste and temperature by offering hot cocktails that both stay true to tradition and break the mold. From classics like hot toddies and Irish coffees to newly warmed martinis and Palomas, drink temperatures are rising this year.


Coffee shops need not fear this trend killing iced coffee, as cold coffee beverages are up 23% since 2021 according to the American National Coffee Association.


How Can You Get on Trend? Restaurants, bars, and coffee shops can keep customers satisfied with options that cater to both heated and chilled trends.


Drinks That Do More

Top view of ingredients for making a cocktail with bartender taking notes. Cut grapefruit and black peppercorn on chopping board.


Health is important to consumers. That’s why many companies are creating beverage products that offer added benefits. Consumers can now choose from drinks that include prebiotics for digestive health or extra caffeine for energy. The bottom line? Consumers expect their beverages to do more.


How Can You Get on Trend? Start focusing on the added benefits that some of your drinks can provide. For example, cocktails and smoothies with superfoods added in.

Exploring Uncharted Flavor Territories

Michelada beer with tomato juice. Clamato with beer on wooden table. Mexican drink. Concept of mexican frink

The forecast for beverage trends in 2024 leans toward an exploration of unexpected flavor profiles. Mixologists across the globe are infusing ingredients that push the boundaries—think beef, wakame, and leeks—we’re witnessing a fusion of flavors that redefine the possibilities of a cocktail.

How Can You Get on Trend? Get creative with savory beverages that include meal-like components.


Less Is More


The sober-curious and damp lifestyle beverage trends rose to popularity in 2022 and 2023, and they’re not going anywhere in 2024. Consumers are still looking forLow angle view at multi-ethnic group of people e clinking champagne glasses during Christmas party, copy space alcohol-free options when at dinner, the bar, or even their local brewery. However, the options for booze-free beverages keep expanding. Customers are now requesting:

Low-ABV beers and ciders

Alcohol-free wines

Creative mocktails

Some companies are even making alcohol-free liquors. As the possibilities expand, mixologists can get creative while serving sober and sober-curious guests.

How Can You Get on Trend? Stock up on the mocktail supplies. Bartenders should consider expanding their skillset to make beverages that taste great without the alcohol.


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Take 2024 by Storm

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