Consider Diversity When Choosing Suppliers

Your suppliers can be the backbone of your bar or restaurant. They give your team the tools needed to make magic. That’s why who you partner with is important. When choosing from Foodbuy Foodservice’s approved suppliers, you may want to consider supplier diversity.


Why Is Supplier Diversity Important?

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Supplier diversity is an important factor in the foodservice industry. By diversifying its suppliers, a business can increase its competitive edge, reduce its risk, and improve its bottom line. It can also help businesses build relationships with a variety of cultures, communities, and industries, which can lead to new opportunities.


By working with a variety of suppliers, a business can access a wider range of products and services, which can lead to better quality offerings and more competitive prices. Additionally, broadening your supplier connections helps to foster an environment of inclusivity and respect, as well as promote economic growth.


Choosing the Right Suppliers

When it comes to supplier diversity, there are some key considerations to keep in mind. First, businesses should consider the size and scope of their supplier network. They should also look for suppliers with the necessary expertise and experience to meet the needs of the business. Choosing from your GPO’s approved suppliers is a great first step. However, you’ll also want to ask questions about each supplier’s ability to produce and deliver at the capacity you need.

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Some topics you’ll want to consider before signing onto programs are:


Top product availability

Any certifications or qualifications

Distribution preferences and agreements


You’ll know you’re getting the best possible products and services when you and your procurement partner do your due diligence.


Relationships Are the Key to Success

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Connection is often key when bringing on a new partner. Your team should strive to build relationships with each of your suppliers. This allows you to not only hold your partners to a high standard, but also potentially access the best products and services available. Such relationships can lead to greater collaboration, leading to better customer service and more innovative products. From your employees to your customers, everyone benefits from strong relationships throughout the supply chain.


If supplier diversity is an important factor to your business, reach out to your account manager at Foodbuy Foodservice immediately. They can connect you with a diverse list of approved suppliers.

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