Restaurant Inventory Management Is Easier with Data Tracking Solutions


How can you save money if you don’t know where you’re spending it? Tracking the data on spend is an essential part of restaurant inventory management. What if you could access that data through your foodservice purchasing group? Foodbuy Foodservice offers customizable data tracking solutions through our in-house platform, MPower.


Getting to Know MPower

MPower is your all-in-one account management solution. It allows you to view your current broadline, regional and local programs, as well as market updates and other resources. You can view your programs and create customized reports drawing on data from you, your account manager, and our network of suppliers. This platform allows you to keep essential restaurant inventory management information at your fingertips.


Slicing and Dicing by Your Needs


Looking for specific numbers? Your foodservice purchasing group has the solution. The MPower Results tab has the most up-to-date data, with close-to-live updates. You can even customize your metrics under your member dashboard, choosing to narrow data by:




Time periods




You can track trends and spot potential savings by customizing reports. Finding programs that fit your needs and save you money is easier than ever.

Modernizing Your Experience Every Step of the Way


As of September 2022, Foodbuy Foodservice has made our data tracking solutions even more advanced. Our members are now able to access key metrics and graphs to spot opportunities to improve procurement. Do you often export data to share with colleagues? You’ll now have enhanced ability to do so. Plus, price verification elements ensure that you’re paying the correct amount for Foodbuy Foodservice negotiated pricing.  Ultimately, this ensures your rebates are accurate.

You want to stay in-the-know when it comes to your programs and savings. That’s what Foodbuy Foodservice provides. Log in to MPower today.


Empower Your Procurement

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