Take Advantage of All Your Resources for Successful Sourcing in the Food Service Industry

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The world of restaurants, bars, and entertainment venues is always evolving. If you’re looking for the secret to successful sourcing in the food service industry, you’ll want to stay nimble. Whether you’re working with Foodbuy Foodservice or another group purchasing organization, you’ll want to make sure you’re constantly communicating your business needs and exploring new opportunities.

Start by asking your GPO account manager or procurement team the questions below.

Are There Any New Savings Opportunities Available?


This question should be your introduction to any touch base with your procurement professional. You may have already found ways to save in multiple categories, but there’s no reason to become complacent. You should feel comfortable asking about existing programs not yet in your portfolio.


Should I Be Concerned About Product Shortages?

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Successful sourcing in the food service industry often means anticipating potential problems. While you may not have access to all available industry data, your account manager or procurement team will. If you have concerns about anything from egg prices to distribution delays, you’ll want to ask your account manager for updates.


How Can I Change My Distribution Strategy?


Are you happy with your current distribution process? If not, you may be looking for advice on making a change. While your procurement manager can’t make changes to your existing contract, they can leverage their industry knowledge to help you make informed decisions in the future. Plus, some GPOs only work with one distributor. That’s important information if you’re not satisfied with your current setup.


How Can I Schedule a Culinary Consult?

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There are plenty of savings opportunities to be found in the kitchen. A culinary consultation or cutting can reveal these. Professional chefs have an in-depth understanding of menu development, training, and ordering. Combine that knowledge with procurement resources and you can find massive savings.


If you’re working with Foodbuy Foodservice, the process is easy. Your account manager can easily help you plan a meeting with our Culinary Solutions team. Otherwise, you’ll want to ask your procurement expert for advice on identifying helpful teams for the job.

What Are My Options for Local and Regional Products?


Every procurement plan has room for local and regional programs. Whether you organize your menu around locally sources dishes or just use them for limited time offers, local and regional food is always appealing to diners. Plus, you can

save on distribution costs by sourcing from nearby suppliers based on what’s in season.


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Communication Is Key

You should always feel comfortable expressing concerns and bringing ideas to your procurement company account manager. As your link to various food, service, and equipment suppliers, you’ll want to take advantage of their knowledge and resources.


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